• मार्ग रक्षक is the next innovation in road safety.

    With मार्ग रक्षक we raise the bar on road safety, bringing it on a whole new level.

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  • Analyze the root cause

    - Root cause analysis of accidents.

    - Predicting accidents using machine learning models.

    - Realtime accident info embedded with live location to respective authorities.

  • Digitizing Road Safety

    - It is geographically impossible to cover all regions at the same time. This is where मार्ग रक्षक shines.

    - Effortless app interface enables the user to click photos and add notes also embeddeding them with live geo-location and address.

    - The report feed can be integrated with hospitals & ambulance service providers making accident reporting easier and saving lives.

  • Educating Citizens

    - Citizens can be educated periodically using M-Governance.

    - Traffic rules can be sent to citizens directly in the form of gamification to ensure higher engagements.

    - As the system includes a GPS system, dynamic delivery of warning messages can be provided in accident zones.

  • Mobile Broadcasts

    - Leveraging the most widely used social platform like WhatsApp as a delivery mechanism for better communication.

    - E-speed limiter can be used to monitor existing speed and the driver can be warned using audio signals, all in a few moments.

    - The traffic department can now broadcast messages and emergencies directly to the people in less amount of time.

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